Cartier Watches

Cartier Watches About Cartier Cartier is a luxury products conglomerate French organization that manufactures, designs, distributes and vends watches and jewelry. Initiated in 1847 by Louis Cartier, the firm stayed under family management up to 1964. The organization’s headquarters is in Paris. Although it isthe owned subsidiary of Compagnie Financiere Richemont SA located in Switzerland. Cartier features a long history of royalty sales. The Great Britain king, King Edward VII, called Cartier the jeweler of kings. In his 1902 coronation, Edward VII gave 27 tiaras and offered the royal warrant to Cartier during 1904. Other similar warrants ensued from courts of Portugal, Spain, Russia, Greece, Egypt, Siam, Serbia, Monaco, Albania, Romania, Belgium and Kate Middleton, Cambridge’s Duchess, House of Orleans has been wearing Cartier ballon bleu watch. It is important to note that the Cartier watch was men’s first wrist watch. Why are these brand watches valued so highly? Cartier watch collections are an investment. Watches at the high-end mostly are. Whenever the watch like Cartier tank or Cartier Santos is identified as recognizable or iconic, its value shoots up. With the Cartier watches like Santos de Cartier, the apparent value is derived from their design. The timepieces produced by this jeweler are mostly described as refined and timeless. However, during the past decade, Cartier invested in its high-technology own watchmaking organization and created amazing watches not only in regards to design but also in terms of new materials, precision, elegance, and other innovations. Cartier’s history in designing jewelry implies that they are competent in using white gold, gold or other various precious metals when designing watches. For a Cartier watch price, the gold timepieces cost more than the steel ones, however, the general watch condition plays a crucial duty as well. Moreover, if a certain watch has a true story about it, then collectors will pay handsomely for it. Advantages of the Cartier watch 1. Enigma and history Motifs that are inspired by history, travel, and art like the raging panther, that has built on the history of the company, have put Cartier apart. During the twentieth century, the big cats were fashionable because of their feminine expression. Cartier featured the whole panthere collection and is still iconic. Besides the femininity, the panther augurs finesse and style of the owner. 2. Statements of Heritage fashion The reason why women love classic watches is as rhetorical and eternal as why women adore diamonds. Cartier women watches have experienced various collections and a blend of plethora styles in these watch collections. The Cartier Ballon Bleu, Hypnose and the Tank are elegant fashion statements on their own. Some designs are 1900s vintage. Every collection has an enthralling and beautiful story behind it and it takes you back to contemporary times. Cartier watches have a fashion statement which speaks volumes of heritage love. Despite the Cartier cost of watches like the de Cartier, they go well with everything and anything that you wear or whatever you want to carry with your watch. 3. The art and engineering of centuries The great attention to detail is seen in all artsy Cartier watches. The artistic design and beautiful build separate it from the other brands. These watches also have a range of jewelry like diamonds and rubies studded on them. The alluring design of this watch will satisfy your penchant for watches and jewelry. 4. Ideal for all occasions These timepieces go well with any occasion; whether it is a business meeting, wedding, your anniversary dinner or just a hangout with your friends. It is right to say that Cartier watches depict sophistication and class. The people around you will notice the cut, quality, the art itself and finish. 5. Good investment alternative It is hard to deny that this is not only a good time keeping the piece, but also a good investment item. The mediocre watches with mediocre making will never have a good resale value in the market, but the Cartier watches, which are above the edge, will fetch you a good price in the market even after use. 6. Technical design and mastery The Cartier watch prides itself in its technical supremacy than any other piece. It also boasts of the best creativity of technical watches. For example, the Caliber de Cartier Diver is regarded as a professional item. The watch is always in the conversation of the elite and is the most advanced and superior sports timepiece ever created by a luxury brand. The unique thing about the Cartier watches is they last for a long time and these make a lot of people believe in their designs than other brands.  Get Free Consultation Now!