Hublot Watches

Hublot Watches In comparison to the majority of luxury watch designers and manufacturers around the world, Swiss company Hublot is relatively new to the game. Founded in 1980 by watch designer Carl Cocco, who had previous experience designing for elite brands such as Breil, Hublot takes its name from the French ord for porthole. Hublot takes much of its design inspiration from ship windows, although the designs of its watches vary from modern to beautifully futuristic. From the very beginning, Hublot has innovated their designs to bring something new to the plate. Their first watch was the only one in the world to feature a strap made of natural rubber – a concept which took three years of research to bring to life. Alongside the traditional stainless-steel cases, Hublot prides themselves on their use of exclusive and unusual materials, such as their signature alloy of ceramic and yellow gold which is aptly named Magic Gold, crafted using the “art of fusion”. This alloy is so strong – a full 2.5x stronger than the average 18-karat solid gold case – that a diamond is needed to work with it. Some of the stunning watches created by Hublot also feature a variety of materials, such as titanium, sapphire, and carbon. In 2005, the most popular in the range of Hublot watches - the Big Bang - was released. This was soon followed by the Big Bang Chronograph, which won multiple prestigious awards. Hublot watches are represented by many world-famous brand ambassadors, including NBA’s Kobe Bryant, Floyd Mayweather, Dwayne Wade, and Usain Bolt. Each of the brand ambassadors has worked closely in collaboration with Hublot to create limited edition pieces ranging in price from $11,800 and $29,400, and most of these pieces are made in extremely small numbers. Mr. Crocco is well known for his philanthropy and helps out many charitable causes, and all of the proceeds from the watch his company created alongside Depeche Mode go toward the charity: water project. How Much Does a Watch from Hublot Cost? The retail price tag attached to a watch from Hublot starts at around $3,400, and the brand is in the process of designing a watch valued at a whopping $5 million - but rest assured, Hublot watches prices do not normally reach that high. The Hublot Classic Fusion collection can be found for roughly $4,695 and $93,555, Big Bang Tourbillon watches retail for between $64,800 and $126,450, and the MP-05 LaFerrari collection start at around $219,995 and go up to about $289,440. The Hublot prices vary greatly from watch to watch, but each one is more than worth the cost. Why Are Hublot Watches Priced so High? The amount of research, precision design, and manufacture that goes into each and every Hublot watch is astounding. Besides this, the materials used are more often than not custom designed for each piece – some watches even feature a type of concrete. All the watches they produce contain Swiss-made movements which are assembled by hand. This is no mean feat when taking into account that the watches in the Big Bang Unico collection features the in-house movement HUB1240 Unico, a movement containing 330 pieces, which was developed over four years. Some of the watches contain sapphire glass cases, which are studded with diamonds, and are often crafted from titanium, gold, Magic Gold, or the other alloy Hublot is famous for, King Gold. The power reserves on the watches – meaning the amount of time before you will need to wind your watch again – vary between 48 hours and an incredible 1,200 hours (50 days), depending on which watch from which collection you choose. What Are the Main Advantages of Choosing a Hublot Watch? There are a vast number of reasons why choosing a watch made by Hublot is advantageous, should the wallet allow it. The amount of time and effort that goes into each and every watch guarantees the wearer will be blown away by phenomenal, recognizable and unique designs. The in-house movements and original, imaginative materials, like the previously mentioned Magic Gold, and the power reserves featured add another level of ergonomic prowess to each watch, showing that obvious visual luxury goes much deeper. Plus, the stunning ranges of limited-edition watches, created alongside some of the most famous names in the entertainment and sporting worlds, have the potential to increase greatly in value, making them an even worthier investment. Get Free Consultation Now!